Motorized Roller Shades

The world of home automation has created Smart homes to be more accessible, intuitive, and definitely more comfortable while adding many conveniences. As a motorized solution in roller shades, you get the features of convenience, safety, versatility, energy efficiency, an added layer of security, and added value to your home. We offer a huge range of different styles, price points, colors, textures, and fabrics for your Smart home.

Experience Ultimate Comfort

You can experience comfort at the highest level in your automated home with motorized roller shades. You can open and close your window treatments with the touch of a button, which is especially helpful if your home has oversized or hard-to-reach windows. It means no more struggling with heavy window blinds or trying to reach very tall windows or skylights to block out the heat and sunlight.

Enjoy reducing your energy bills all year round with automated window coverings to keep the sun and glare out of your home in the summer and allow you to use less artificial lighting inside on nice days. This energy-efficient solution works for you all year round, from spring, to summer, through the fall, and in the winter months as well.

These motorized blinds give you an added layer of security and privacy. You can set them to open and close at different times of the day and night when you are out of town, so it appears someone is home.

Never worry about your children or pets getting entangled in dangling cords because there are none of these types of innovative window treatments for the ultimate safety.

Add value to your home with a popular Smart home with automation to increase the value if you want to sell your home in the future.

Automation at Your Fingertips

You can decide how to control your motorized window treatments. You can program pre-set scenes that include other Smart products in your home for the ultimate in energy efficiency. For example, you can set a scene to close the shades, turn off the lights and lower or raise your thermostat depending on the time of the year to save valuable money on your heating and cooling bills.

Override set schedules with the touch of a button on remote controls, by using your Smart phone or by enlisting help with a voice command from your home assistant of Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Choose from different motors for your Smart blinds, from either a hard-wired motor or one with a convenient rechargeable battery system.

One of the most enjoyed features by homeowners is to set their bedroom roller shades to open when the sun comes up to wake them gently with natural sunshine instead of an alarm clock to jolt them out of bed. Using blackout shades also enables you to fall asleep faster and sleep sounder every night when you program them to close at bedtime–one of the great wonders of a fully integrated home.

Total Control at Your Fingertips: Motorized Window Shades for Your Home

Ordering your Smart blackout blinds from Mr. Blinds couldn’t be easier. You can contact us at 501-550-9439 or simply fill out our online form with your name and contact information to schedule a FREE in-home consultation.

One of our professional designers will take product samples to your home, so you know precisely what your blinds and shades will look and feel like. We help you decide on the best window treatment products for your exact situation and order them for you. As soon as we have fabricated your items, we will return to install them for you professionally.

We use the leading manufacturers’ highest quality products on the market and offer a perfect fit and proper operation. Our customer service is unmatched in the Arkansas area, and we are with you every step of the way, from your initial consultation to delivery and installation.

No matter what size of windows you may have or what shape, we specialize in hard-to-fit window coverings for perfection by the ability to control light in your Smart home.

We proudly service Searcy, Arkansas, and the surrounding areas of Central and North Central Arkansas, including Sherwood, Jacksonville, Little Rock, Cabot, Conway, Bastesville, Heber Springs, Jonesboro, Fairfield Bay and Mountain View. If your city isn’t listed here, contact us for Mr. Blinds custom manufacturing and delivery services across the state.